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SFC 3000


The SFC 3000 is far more than just a dedicated flow computer. It can operate on a number of levels from a supervisory machine to a stand alone flow computer or as a system component. With its touch screen, VGA display and extensive processing capabilities, combined with simple to use User Interface and a unique operating software it can function as a complete station supervisor integrated into a flow computer housing. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the world wide liquid hydrocarbon and gas measurement markets, the SFC 3000 is intended to positively contribute to both management and conservation of the worlds dwindling energy resources by providing both versatile and accurate measurement and incorporating state of the art designs and components.


Measurement conforming to AGA, ISO, API of:

• Dry and Wet Natural Gas
• Hydrocarbon Liquids
• Other Gases e.g. Nitrogen
• Other Gases e.g. Water
• Individual stream I/O boards, 1 to 5 fiscal streams
• Using Meter types:

- Pulse generating flow meters
- Most common Ultrasonic flow meters
- DP transmitters with Orifice or Venturi measurement


• Stand alone flow computing function
• Flow Computing combined with supervisory function
• Up to 2Gb memory for Alarm, Audit and Data logging
• Easy installation and interfacing
• Extremely accurate
• Interfaces to most types of metering equipment and all popular GC’s
• Free Configurable Display

- System Diagrams
- Trending and graphical displays
- Language options

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