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Each FMR rotary meter is tested with atmospheric air to traceable VSL (formerly NMi) calibrated references. It has been proven as part of the type approval testing that the difference between the accuracy at atmospheric air and at high pressure natural gas is negligible.

FLOWLAB Services


In our continuous effort to provide our clients with the best possible solution in natural gas measurement for custody transfer applications, Flow Meter Group, Inc. has enriched its capabilities with the establishment of our FlowLab facility in Richmond, Texas. In the lifecycle of every measurement device there comes a time where its performance is in question and it needs to be verified, specifically when such devices are used for custody transfer measurement. FMG gas meters are no exception.

Transfer Prover

The FMTB-2500 88M Transfer Prover is the latest technology available for verification of a gas meter’s accuracy with atmospheric air. With flow rates from as low as 9.0 ACFH to a maximum of 88.000 ACFH, the test facility is designed to cover all currently available ranges of FMG Rotary, Turbine and Ultrasonic meters (up to 8 inches in size). A sampling rate of 250 KHz guarantees fast collection of a large number of samples. This significantly reduces the turn-around time without compromising on accuracy. The test process is fully automated eliminating operator errors that could influence the results. With an uncertainty of 0.25% above 35 ACFH, our FlowLab offers unmatched precision in the field of meter verification. In addition, the FMTB-2500 is equipped with certified reference meters traceable to international standards NMi(VSL) and NIST in the United States. Not only are the reference meters certified, the installation as a whole has undergone certification by the internationally accepted laboratory for Weights & Measure, the “Van Swinden Laboratory (VSL)” in Delft, the Netherlands.

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